“It’s a pleasure to be able to recommend Mari as  a Yoga teacher. I have  been  taught  by Mari for many years and always been impressed by the kind and caring attitude shown towards  her pupils.”   Valerie

“After over forty years of yoga classes and several teachers my experience of Mari’s  yoga classes in the last twelve years is, by far, the best. There is a sensitive combination of the asanas, breath, mindfulness and meditation. The class ends with a complete relaxation and is altogether a peaceful, healing experience.”      Christine

“I can thoroughly recommend Jon’s yoga class.  Jon demonstrates and leads with a calm authority laced with humour and I would recommend his class to any guy looking for a way to exercise the body (and mind) in a low impact manner. After three months, I can report improved circulation and better sleep as well as fewer aches and pains. It has been particularly effective for me in countering persistent lower back pain.”        Chris

“Lovely way to relax and find time for yourself, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.”      Pam

“Jon has put a lot of expertise and thought into offering these classes where the individual can achieve a sense of optimum wellbeing.The Thursday night sessions deliver a lot of information in the procedure of posture, breathing and relaxation that are easy to follow by a balanced methodology.  The structure of teaching is clear, logical and effective. The meetings are informative and can be challenging but with Jon’s style of personal teaching and feedback will help you to improve individual confidence and ability.He has a calm and distinct technique of coaching that truly connects and inspires me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course and would recommend to those who have an interest in furthering their wellbeing in mind and body to contact Jon.”   Bryan

“I have been practicing yoga for over 40 years and with Mari for the last several years. My ability and needs of yoga have changed and I have found that Mari’s classes suit me very well. Her classes are friendly and relaxed and Mari shows genuine interest in each of her students and their individual needs. I particularly like Mari’s varied programme to keep her classes interesting and enjoyable”.   Anne

“We have had the good fortune and privilege of attending many yoga classes with Mari over the last 15 years and also more lately with Jon.  The classes are always warm, friendly and hugely beneficial both physically and mentally.  Our son also regularly attends and also enjoys the calming atmosphere of peace and serenity illustrating how this is a class for all ages and abilities and that everyone is welcome and comfortable.  Mari and Jon are special souls and have helped us greatly over the years and we are blessed with finding them.  The classes are supportive and many friendships are formed.  Namaste”   Heidi & Pete

“I have enjoyed Mari’s yoga classes for many years, teaching us a mindful approach to yoga, caring for individual needs and abilities. A very friendly and beneficial class for mind and body.”     Carol

“I thoroughly enjoy Mari’s yoga classes. They have enabled me to relax my mind, meditate, improve my breathing and my flexibility. The strengthening and stretching exercises Mari focuses on have greatly improved a back problem I have had for many years.”     Penny

“I can’t tell you how much your men’s classes have meant in terms of my health and sense of wellbeing. I practice most days for 20/30 minutes, usually first thing before the day gets hectic. The golf swing has improved, enabling a better follow through – how important is that !!! With the injuries I have, it is unlikely I will ever be a rubber jointed practitioner, but the difference in a year to my flexibility has been staggering.”    C