About Us

Mari Dixon (BWY Dip/IYT)

Mari has been practicing yoga since 1985 and in 1999 she started her training with the British Wheel of Yoga, receiving their Teaching Diploma in 2002. Mari then continued on with her studies under the guidance of Jenny Beeken with the Inner Yoga School, completing the Teacher’s Awareness Programme in September 2004.

Mari has worked with a number of different teachers experiencing the many diverse styles of yoga, meditation and healing practices. Of particular interest was an in depth study of Yoga Nidra (The ancient authentic art of deep relaxation) under the tuition of Jane Mackarness of Classical Yoga. Mari acknowledges this as a highly valuable part of yoga practice which is always incorporated into her classes. She also offers individual sessions of Yoga Nidra and Reiki.

Over the years Mari has developed her own style of yoga based around a mindful approach to practice with emphasis on developing awareness.

“Yoga is a continual learning process and it is through much personal and reflective practice that I endeavour to teach with an intuitive and sensitive approach, taking into consideration each and every individuals needs and ability.”

Jon Dixon (BWY Dip)

Jon became interested in yoga in the mid 90s whilst still in full time employment as a Master Mariner. Having a high pressure job at sea, he soon began to realise the benefits that yoga was having. Jon’s level of fitness was improved and he was able to manage job related stress more effectively. In 2001 Jon became a marine pilot which gave him more time at home and decided to train as a yoga teacher. Starting with a foundation course with the Inner Yoga School followed by teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga, gaining their Teaching Diploma in 2008. Jon has attended many different yoga events with a variety of teachers as means of continued professional development.

He has a special interest in meditation and acknowledges that great benefit can be gained from this profound practice. Jon is fully trained and qualified in the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Programme for the management of chronic lower back pain.

Having participated in and taught mixed yoga classes Jon was aware of the lack of men participating and with that in mind, has set up a regular weekly Men Only yoga class.

“I would like to encourage men to come along and give yoga a try, and realise as I did, how beneficial a practice can be. Whatever your age and ability, you may be pleasantly surprised!”